Ages ago, twin Diné (Navajo) boys were born for a purpose. At the right age, they prepared for a journey. 
On that challenging journey they made personal discoveries, earned weapons, and learned skills that equipped them for a final task – slay the monsters.


You will face unknown monsters in your lifetime. Some monsters will be visible, but most will remain in the unseen shadows. Train, pick your weapons, train more, and prepare for battle. Fierce monsters of drugs, violence, and ignorance continue destroying this world. Start your journey to become a Monster Slayer.


Every Monster Slayer needs a mentor—someone to guide you and give you the skills you need to do great things. You should always have someone who shapes you into a better person.

The Student

Ashkii Yazzie is a Navajo student goes to high school on the Navajo reservation. He lives with his grandparents. He has to live with his grandparents because his mother has an alcohol problem and he never met his dad. His grandparents only speak Navajo, so Ashkii has to translate for them when necessary. At home, Ashkii has responsibilities that include feeding the livestock, chopping wood, hauling water, and up keeping the house.

In school, Ashkii gets good grades and does well in his classes. He is bullied by his peers for his English speaking skills though. The other Navajo students come from homes that are not as traditional as his. They tease him for being “rezzed out.” Ashkii has no one to talk to about what he is going through. He struggles with balancing his traditional values with the bilagaana(white) way of life. He is confused about his Native identity and wonders if he should be more like the other students and not speak Navajo. He also wants to go to college and help support his family, but does not want to leave his grandparents.”

The Mentor

This student’s story aligns with many other Navajo students are going through across the Navajo Nation. They battle with becoming accustomed with modern expectations and values that influence their Native identity. Many are in a similar situation, having no one to talk to about what is happening in their lives. They are forced to deal with things at home that include alcohol, abuse, drugs, poverty, and violence. No student should face these things alone, they need a mentor to help them through it.

Monster Slayers welcomes these students to our program. Monster Slayers is dedicated to helping these student build the resilience and confidence needed to recognize and fight these monsters.

Slay Poverty

Annihilate Violence

Defeat Substance Abuse

Crush Alcoholism

Demolish Hunger

Destroy Apathy

Walk In Beauty


Percent of People Unemployed in Navajo Nation


Percent of People Below Poverty Rate


Percent of People Aged 25+ With High School Degree


Percent of People Aged 25+ With College Degree

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