Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea is an activity that students of all ages can enjoy. It makes a great icebreaker or team building activity. Check it out at – http://insight.typepad.co.uk/lost_at_sea.pdf

A Mentor’s Monster Slayers Experience

One of the highlights of the Monster Slayers program was the trip to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Hidden away in a canyon and surrounded by incredible landscapes painted by Georgia O’Keeffe, Ghost Ranch is a camp where people come to get in touch with nature...

2015 Sander’s Summer

We had a fantastic summer with students from Sanders, AZ. We had daily activities, talking circles, a trip to Ghost Ranch, rafting, and some community outreach. We’re excited to have worked with these awesome teenagers!

It’s Your Year

We’re excited about this year! We have energy, ideas, and resources that will help you start your journey. The journey will not be easy. You will need help. Stay in touch to find out everything that Monster Slayers is up to this year. Check our news and resource...